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Weston Burch

Protein bars are not my thing. I mean, they always have that weird taste and I feel like they all pretty much taste the same - like a flavorless pile of junk. I’m probably pretty spot on, since they basically are all the same – filled with the same crap, which includes nasty preserves and other trash I just think devalues the taste. Vukoo is different, and I’d say the biggest difference is that you put it in the fridge and it actually goes bad after a while. I’ve always had weird thoughts about foods that can live for the rest of time, it just doesn’t seem right. Vukoo is flippin delicious as hell. The ingredients have to be the exact reason for the explosion of deliciousness that happens in my mouth. Read the dang label, I bet there's pretty much nothing in the ingredients you haven't heard of... no crap that you can't pronounce. My dad thought they were brownies when I had him try one… although these things are nowhere near as bad for you. I heard those geniuses are working on a peanut butter flavor. I can’t wait for that one. I don’t think I’d go back to another protein bar again (mostly because I think others taste like deer pellets).

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