Alvina Romero


Can I get a lifetime supply, PLEEEEASE!


Seriously, I love these gluten-free protein bars! What a amazing option for on the go! I am not a morning person, and having a quick option that isn't cereal or a gritty and gross meal replacement is a welcomed change.  It's made with all real ingredients so instead of getting up early to cook breakfast, I can just go to the fridge pop a BIYU protein bar into my purse, and off I go.  And just like the Snapple bottle-caps, a message awaits with each bar. Believe In Yourself, Understand?, that's my favorite.  Cheesy or not, looking down and seeing the packaging on my desk, with it's little inspiring message, repetitively throughout the day gives me a mental boost. This gluten-free chocolate protein bar has more than just my endorphins going, if you know what I mean! Two thumbs up!