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"Our Favorite Sustainable and Ethical Leggings for Winter"

You many know Patagonia for outdoor clothing and winter jackets, but did you know the brand also carries an activewear and yoga line? Neither did we.


Vukoo Protein Bars Patagonia

Patagonia, a company based in Ventura, California, promotes corporate responsibility including fair trade and environmentally friendly clothing production. Our Vukoo team has always loved the mission and values behind the brand, so when we heard about the activewear line, we had to check it out.  

With winter quickly approaching in Colorado, we decided to test out and review two variations of Patagonia’s leggings: the Women’s Centered Tights in black and the Women's Centered Crops in forge grey. 

Both leggings have a hefty price tag—$79 for the Centered Tights and $69 for the Centered Crops—but compared to brands like Lulu Lemon, they are a bargain.

Additionally, all Patagonia products come with the Ironclad Protection policy, meaning any product that does not perform up to customer satisfaction can be returned for repair, exchange, or refund.

For both the Centered Tights and Centered Crops, we could not believe how soft the fabric felt to the touch and on our legs. Unlike other leggings, Patagonia’s are not constricting and breathe well while still retaining warmth. Even after a few loads of laundry (following the wash instructions), they looked and felt brand new.

We tried the Centered Tights in various settings including on a cold morning run, a lazy football Sunday, a hot yoga class, and hiking in the mountains. We loved them in every situation. We found the leggings to dry quickly from sweat and stretch easily with movement. Both pairs also have half an inch of elastic hidden in the wide waistband to keep the pants from sagging.

Vukoo Protein Bars Patagonia

Because the Centered Crops cut off at the shins, we only tried them for indoor activities, although they would also work well outdoors on warmer days.  

We tested them while lounging, practicing yoga, cooking our favorite recipes, and in the gym. The consensus? We loved them just as much. 

Both pairs also look great. They are slimming, versatile, and hug all the right places. Black is our favorite color for leggings, but they have three other options: Forge Grey, Forestland Epic Blue, and Timber Stripe Navy Blue.  

Finally, these leggings are perfect for those of us who are vertically challenged. Both pairs are shorter in length than the average pair of leggings, making them a serious lifesaver for petite women.

If not already obvious from our raving above, we highly recommend both or either pair of these leggings for your winter workout closet. Patagonia’s activewear is a new favorite for us because of the quality, sustainability, and ethics behind every product.

You can check out the full activewear line at patagonia.com or in the Denver store.  


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 Disclaimer: This is an honest review. Vukoo® was not paid by Patagonia, or anyone else, to write this review. All products were purchased at full retail price. 

"Our Favorite Sustainable and Ethical Leggings for Winter"; by Vukoo®

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