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It's Time to Switch Up Your Diet


If you've been eating the same meals for a while now, it could be time to consider switching up the foods in your grocery cart.

Just like exercise and fitness, a healthy diet should include variety. Learning about, trying, and incorporating new foods into your meal plans is essential for balance and growth. It's also beneficial to your overall wellbeing because, well, trying new things is always positive for progression and development. This isn't to say creating and maintaining habits is a negative thing; habits are excellent for achieving your goals and minimizing distraction.

Instead, I am suggesting the most satisfying health journey includes variety. It allows for new experiences and maintains a posture of curiosity. There is always something to learn in life. Plus, new studies are continually being conducted to discover the health benefits of foods.

Let's take my story as an example. At the beginning of my health journey, my plate was stacked with animal protein and broccoli. Never once did I consider that my body may prefer a plant-based diet (surprise: it does). Similarly, I stayed clear of any foods or herbs I couldn't pronounce. Rather than asking questions or doing a quick search on the web, I left those things on the shelf. Only now do I realize how much my body (and my tastebuds) were missing out.

And I expect this will be a continuous process. My diet will most definitely look different five years from now. As I learn about new foods and try different flavors, my palate and plate will change. (side story: I'd never made curry until this past winter -- now it's a weekly meal in our house)

Trying new foods, like trying new fitness experiences, is good for your body, mind, and soul. Of course, we will always have our favorites. And of course, there are foods and nutrients we should be seeking out all the time. But don't be scared to switch it up. There are so many delicious and exciting recipes and hard-to-pronounce foods out there--many of which have incredible nutrients and health benefits.

So next time you sit down to plan out your meals, give something new a try. You may even fall in love with a new ingredient!

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