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How To Improve Your Posture

How is your posture?


Good posture is important for many reasons, including reducing back pain, increased energy, and supporting our overall wellbeing. But as we get older, and the longer we sit in front of screens or on couches, we begin to slouch, and our posture suffers.

You may be wondering, what's the big deal? But posture can impact our health and the quality of our life, too. Plus, strong backs are best for supporting us during our workouts in the gym.

Whether you work a desk job or you are simply looking to improve your posture, these stretches and workouts can relieve tension and help you to sit up straighter. Give them a try! And then, share your favorite tips, stretches, and exercises for a stronger back on Facebook or Instagram!


1. Shoulder Rolls

Set a timer for four minutes, and stand up straight and tall. Keep your core tight as you roll your shoulders back (slowly) for two minutes. At the two-minute mark, switch directions and roll your shoulders forward.


2. Seated Side Bend

Sit on the floor with your legs crossed, and then make sure you're back is nice and tall. Keep your core tight as you use one arm to reach over your head and to the side (you should feel the stretch up your side). Hold for thirty seconds, then switch sides. Repeat a few times throughout the day.


3. Spine Stretch

Remain seated, but place your legs out in front of you, so they are flat on the ground. Slowly roll your spine and reach for your toes, keeping your neck straight. Be gentle on yourself as you continue to reach for your feet, and hold while taking deep breaths. Release, then repeat three to four times. 


4. Supermans

Remaining on the floor, rollover to your stomach so that your entire body is elongated. Lift your shoulders, arms, and head off the ground (like Superman) and hold for a count of three. Release to the ground, then repeat for 10 reps. 


Remember, these exercises help improve posture, but they are not a replacement for work with a doctor or physical therapist. If you have an injury or are in pain, please seek medical attentional.


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