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7 Reasons Vukoo Bars Are For You!

Need a few reasons to make Vukoo Bars your go-to protein bar? Here are seven reasons why we think we've designed the world's best meal replacement: 

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Vukoo Bars Are Good For Your Health

If it's not apparent, we care about our health. That's why we only put the highest quality, healthy ingredients in our Vukoo bars. We use organic, fair-trade ingredients that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. When you're not reaching for an apple or glass of water, a Vukoo Bar is seriously the next best food for you. 


Vukoo Bars Are Good For People With Allergies

Did you know that Vukoo Bars are gluten-free? They are also soy-free and lactose-free. If you have allergies, give our bars a try. They may just become your new favorite meal replacement. 


Vukoo Bars Taste Good

With dark chocolate, toasted carob, organic coconut, rich almonds, and Colorado wildflower honey, Vukoo Bars seriously taste good. Forget those cardboard tasting protein bars -- Vukoo Bars taste like dessert. 


Vukoo Bars Are Filling

We don't call them meal replacements just because. Vukoo Bars are actually filling and are meant to serve in place of a meal. Each bar has 290 calories and 20 grams of protein. Perfect for travel, busy days, hikes, and more, we've designed our bars to keep you full and healthy throughout the day. 


Vukoo Bars Are Local

Shop local and support local, friends! Vukoo Bars are designed and created right here in Colorado. We're a small and friendly team, one passionate about having real relationships with our customers. 


Vukoo Bars Support Causes

Did you know that your Vukoo Bar purchase supports The A21 Campaign? We're committed to helping end modern-day slavery, so a percentage of every bar is donated to this fantastic organization. 


Vukoo Bars Are Fun to Say

Vukoo, pronounced (Voo-coo) is fun to say! And what's better than eating a healthy, filling bar while also smiling? 


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