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"Why Vukoo is Vital for the Modern Busy Man"


Scenario 1:

You’re frantic.

Your cab was late this morning.

You only just got to the airport in time.

Getting through security took forever, and now you’re sat next to the screaming kid on the plane.

You realize you’ve not shaved, and you accidentally put on the cheapest, oldest shirt you own ... the one with the tiny stain on the collar.

Looking in your bag for some sustenance (as you didn’t have time for breakfast) you sigh ... nothing.

You press the call button above your seat, take a look on the trolley and pay a small fortune for a sugar-filled cereal bar and a bag of peanuts so salty you have to get the air hostess back over to serve you two caffeine-filled, insulin-spiking, aspartame-laden beverages.

You’re tired, stressed, and you know today’s meetings aren’t going to go well.

If only you’d packed your Vukoo bar...


Scenario 2:

You’re frantic.

Your cab’s running late, and you look a mess.

You realize you’ve not shaved, and you accidentally put on the cheapest, oldest shirt you own ... the one with the tiny stain on the collar.

Scrabbling to find your briefcase and your laptop, you stop dead. That’s it – you’ve got it.

You know how to rectify this situation and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Diving into your cupboard, you grab it ...

It’s your saving grace.

The little "wonder" that can turn your day from “suck” to “success.”

... your NEGU® bar.

“Never Ever Give Up.”

You live by these words.

And it makes you realize –

“Hey, this can be a good day.

It might have started bad, but that doesn’t mean it has to end that way.”

Quickly changing your shirt and grabbing your razor, you sprint out the door and into your waiting cab.

The flight was eventful.

You had to finish your presentation, rehearse your pitch, and, worse still, you were sat next to the screaming kid. (But that’s what noise-blocking headphones were made for.)

As you land, you reach into your bag and pull out a chocolate, almond and coconut flavor BIYU® bar.

You know these meetings today will be tough.

Winning business is never easy, and today especially seems like a tall task.

But you keep reciting the BIYU® motto –

“Believe In Yourself, Understand?”

You’ve clinched harder deals than this in the past, and you know that you’ve got this if you play your cards right.




Deal = NAILED !!!

The meeting didn’t start so well –

Put under quick-fire questions you had to think fast on your feet, and you felt like you were losing them.

That whole boardroom had their eyes fixed on you like hawks watching their prey.

A quick bathroom break (and a few bites of your SIGBU® bar were all it needed.)

“Success Is Getting Back Up”you thought between mouthfuls.“I’m down at the moment, but I can get back up and recover.”And that’s what you did ...
Delivering everything you had, you sealed the deal.

Another successful day in the life of a Vukoo consumer. ...
Vukoo is more than just a bar.
It’s a lifestyle.

It might sound corny to say so, but we really believe that.

Successful guys need top-quality nutrition to stay on top of their game.

Skipping meals, eating poor-quality food, or relying on airport meals and cheap snacks will not cut it.

Not only do the messages behind NEGU®, BIYU® and SIGBU® make you take stock of the situation around you, and provide a reminder that you’re an achiever, they deliver outstanding nutrition to improve performance and alertness.

Every single Vukoo bar is:

- Gluten-free

- Soy-free

- Lactose-free

They also deliver an astonishing 20 grams of protein to keep your metabolism ticking over in fat-burning mode, as well as slow- digesting carbohydrates and healthy essential fats to boost brain function and mood.

Will this turn the average, under-achieving, lazy worker into high- flying superstar entrepreneur?


But for you – the motivated, successful, fit modern man – it could be that 1% difference between success and failure.

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Hype on VUKOO!

"Why Vukoo is Vital for the Modern Busy Man"; by Vukoo®

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