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5 Ways to Get Outside This Weekend (Despite the Last-Minute Storm)

get outside this weekend

Who ordered snow on the third week of May? Colorado never ceases to amaze us!

While we love snow (in the winter), spring is in full swing and we refuse to let a last-minute storm keep us from enjoying the mountain air. After too many winter days cooped up in the gym, we are more than ready to be active in the great outdoors. So Vukoo tribe, bundle up and lace up your shoes, here are five ways to get outside this weekend despite the last-minute winter storm.


1. Hike Frosted Trails

Enjoy one last hike in the snowy mountains with family and friends. Bring along a canteen of your favorite warm beverage to share as you wander your way through frosted trails lined with blooming spring flowers. Be sure to dress appropriately—temperatures will continue to drop as you increase in elevation.


2. Enjoy One Last Cold Run

Soon enough you will be running in high temps and summer days. Bundle up and enjoy one last chilly run before having to worry about heat stroke and sunscreen. Most trails are cleared of snow but avoid wet or slushy paths to prevent a potential injury.


3. Bike Through The Mud

If muddy trails are what you crave, this weekend may be a good time to hit the trails with your mountain bike. With more weather in the forecast, trails will most likely be wet and full of puddles. Gear up and grab some friends if muddy mountain biking is your thing.


4. Gaze At Spring Stars

Getting the itch to sleep outside? Don’t let the snow stop you. As long as you have adequate four-season gear and are experienced with camping in colder conditions, head to the mountains. Car camping is also a great alternative for warmth.


5. One More Winter Sport

If you live high in the Colorado mountains, you may have enough snow to break out the skis or snowshoes for one last winter sport. Be sure to check with your local park and forest rangers for warnings or closures, but take the last-minute storm as a pass for one more ski day before summer truly hits.


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