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5 Places To Take Vukoo Bars This Summer


Making summer plans? Don’t leave Vukoo out! Each protein bar is not only packed with awesome and nutritious ingredients but is only 3 oz, making it the best portable meal for your summer adventures! To give you an idea, here are some of the places we recommend taking Vukoo bars with you this summer:


1. The Mountains

Vukoo first originated in the mountains and continues to be operated in Colorado. Whether hiking, camping, fishing, or kayaking, Vukoo bars are made to come with you. Why not snack on a NEGU bar while in the woods? Made with real Colorado honey, it has 19 grams of protein, making it the perfect sidekick for a nutritious, delicious, no-mess meal. In fact, we recommend bringing more than one!


2. In the Air

Vukoo bars don’t only taste good on the ground. Flying to a tropical resort? Visiting family and friends in another state? Take a bar in your carry on! We guarantee better taste and better fuel for your body than packaged airplane food.


3. The Beach

Speaking of tropical resorts, Vukoo bars taste great in the sun and are the perfect snack while lounging in the sand or surfing big waves. We recommend the SIGBU bar (made with organic coconut) for the ultimate tropical snack!

4. Baseball Games

We love hotdogs and cold beer as much as anyone—I mean, you can’t watch a baseball game without wanting hotdog—but with all the innings and time-outs, we recommend a Vukoo bar to keep you full. Each bar has 19 g of high-quality protein, 14 g of energy-boosting fiber, and 5 g of fat to keep the hunger away.


5. Summer Concerts

Need a sweet snack while listening to your favorite band under the stars? The BIYU bar contains organic dark chocolate, almonds, and coconut and is the perfect nutritious, protein-packed dessert to pair with your wine, live music, and warm summer nights!



Whether you have a summer of adventures ahead or plan to enjoy a stay-cation, Vukoo bars will keep you healthy and satisfied!

Where do you plan to take Vukoo this summer? Share with us onFacebook orInstagram!

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