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4 Nutritious Recipes for Your Weekend Menu

In search of some new recipes for your weekend menu? We've got you covered. These recipes are hearty, healthy, and packed with in-season produce. Our only recommendation is to make enough for weekday leftovers. 😋


1. Veggie Sushi Bowls

Recipe by: Cookie + Kate

If you're a vegetarian but love sushi rolls, this recipe is for you. These bowls have all the flavors of traditional sushi rolls, but just sub the fish for nutritious veggies. Served alongside a spicy mayo sauce (we can indulge a little!), it's the perfect weekend recipe for summer.

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2. Vegan Pancakes

Recipe by: Simply Vegan

For a lazy Saturday breakfast, we love this recipe for vegan pancakes. These pancakes are made with whole wheat flour, coconut sugar, and plant milk for healthy alternatives. Toss in some bananas for some added potassium and B6!

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3. Green Goodness Pizza

Recipe by: The Full Helping

Fans of pizza gather round—this recipe is one of our all-time favorites. Made with herbed tofu (sub for chicken if you prefer) and lots of broccoli and spinach, it's a weekend delight. Eat it on Friday night, then heat up any leftovers for lunch on Saturday. 

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4. Coconut Oil Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Recipe by: Oh Lady Cakes

It wouldn't be a weekend without some dessert, and we love these coconut oil chocolate chunk cookies. This dozen is made with—you guessed it—coconut oil, almond milk, and rich dark chocolate. The best part? All the ingredients are plant-based—so feel free to eat the 'raw' dough by the spoonful.

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What recipes are you whipping up this weekend? Share them with us and the rest of the Vukoo family on Facebook and Instagram!


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