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4 Macro Bowls We're Loving This Winter

Lately, we’ve been obsessed with macro bowls, also known as buddha bowls or protein bowls. What are macro bowls you ask? Basically, they are bowls filled with tons of nutritional and flavorful goodness—mainly grains, vegetables, and seeds (hemp and chia are our favorites) topped with a tasty dressing or sauce.

Macro bowls are not only easy to make, but they are the perfect way to load up on all the best nutrients and vitamins, and we all know we can’t get enough of those in the cold months of winter. You can pretty much add anything you’d like to a macro bowl (although we don’t recommend processed foods) and they make for an affordable and easy power meal. What could be better?

Here are a few of our favorite macro bowl recipes that we are munching on right now. Check them out!



Roasted Rainbow Winter Bowl

by Keepin' It Kind

We absolutely love the flavor fireworks of this bowl—the lemon, sauerkraut, and tahini are a delicious combo. We also love that this bowl provides a lot of Vitamin D through mushrooms and that it puts to use winter harvest vegetables like squash.

Roasted Rainbow Winter Bowl Recipe

The Big Vegan Bowl

by Oh She Glows

Hummus, anyone? This bowl is packed with nutritional goodness, including quinoa, avocado, chickpeas, and carrots. Served with a whopping spoonful of hummus, it’s a perfect midweek meal.

The Big Vegan Bowl Recipe

Sweet Potato Taco Bowl

by My Kitchen Love

If you are craving Mexican this week, My Kitchen Love has you covered. This corn-filled, avocado-layered bowl is perfect for lunch or dinner. We recommend swapping the ground beef for a plant-based protein, such as extra black beans or quinoa taco "meat."

Sweet Potato Taco Bowl Recipe


Roasted Vegetable Buddha Bowl

by Life Made Sweeter

We love all the greens in this bowl, including brussel sprouts, edamame beans, broccoli, and avocado cream dressing. Roasted and placed on a bed of warm quinoa, this bowl is a delicious way to load up on nutrients this winter.

Roasted Vegetable Buddha Bowl Recipe


Do you have a favorite macro or buddha bowl recipe? Share it with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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