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4 Alternative Ways to Eat Vukoo Bars

While we love Vukoo Bars for a healthy and fueling meal replacement (this was what they were originally designed for), our delicious protein bars are not only great for on-the-go. With a little creativity and a few extra ingredients, Vukoo Bars can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Check it out!


Vukoo Bars In Our Granola

If you are looking for ways to spice up your breakfast meals, try crumbling a SIGBU bar on top of your granola. Sprinkle in some berries, chia seeds, and almond milk for a coconut-y morning meal!

Vukoo Bars In Our Yogurt

If granola is not your thing, chop up a Vukoo Bar and mix into a large bowl of yogurt. We love doing this with the NEGU bar and then adding a teaspoon or so of raw and local honey to our bowl (honey may help with seasonal allergies). Perfect for the spring and summer mornings!

Vukoo Bars In Our Acaí Bowls

Another breakfast we love during the warmer days is a big acaí bowl—you can check out our favorite recipes here! For a more filling and chocolate-y addition, we love smashing up and crumbling in pieces of the BIYU bars.


Vukoo Bars In Our Ice Cream

We don’t always advocate for dessert, but this may just be our favorite Vukoo Bar variation! If you haven’t tried one of our gourmet protein bars alongside a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, you need to add it to your list. We recommend melting the Vukoo Bar for about 15-30 seconds to soften it before adding in the ice cream.



Obviously, Vukoo Bars are designed and most useful as an on-the-go meal replacement, but sometimes it is fun to switch things up! Share with us your favorite Vukoo Bar variations on Facebook or Instagram—we’d love to hear how you’re enjoying your protein bars!

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