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3 Tips for Healthy Travel

Need a short break from all the snow and cloudy days? Us too. While spring may only be a few months away, it is that time of year: cabin fever has taken over. Anyone else hear Mexico calling? 



Wherever you travel in 2017, here are three some quick tips for a healthier, happier (and exciting!) vacation. 


1. Pack Your Food


Not all of it, obviously—who can travel to Mexico without a few margaritas and fish tacos? But pack healthy essentials to keep you on track. Foods like nuts, dried fruit, Vukoo bars, and oatmeal can all go with you in your carry on luggage. As long as it is not a liquid, it can pass through security. If you want to go the extra mile, prepare a few meals ahead of time and invest in a Yeti Cooler; this will allow for a balanced vacation. A little indulgence paired with your favorite nutritional foods for the win!



2. Bring Your Own Beauty Products


Let’s be real: hotel beauty products are often low-grade and packed with too many chemicals to count. Unless you are staying at a fancy resort where organic, luxury products are provided, skip the tiny bottles of hotel soap and lotion. Instead, invest in reusable, travel-sized bottles to bring your favorite, health-conscious products. Your skin and hair will thank you! 



3. Nalgene, Anyone?


It’s a Colorado thing, that’s for sure, but Nalgene water bottles are a great way to drink more H20 and help out the environment (no plastic water bottles over here). Speaking from experience, bringing your own (empty) water bottle with you on your travels increases water consumption. Even better, invest in a Steripen to save costs on bottle water in countries with unsafe drinking water.


Not a Nalgene fan? Check out the 8 Best Water Bottles for Traveling. 



Most importantly, remember to have fun! 



What are your favorite ways to stay healthy while traveling? Share your tips with the Vukoo team onFacebook orInstagram!

"3 Tips for Healthy Travel"; by Vukoo®

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