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3 Stair Workouts You Can Do Outside This Weekend

One of the things we love most about summer is getting to exercise outside. The fresh air and sunshine help with our mental and emotional health, and it's also just more fun to get out of the gym and switch things up. 

This summer, we're incorporating more stair training into our weekly workout regimen. Stairs are great because you can essentially find them anywhere--at parks, at schools, and even at your apartment complex. Read more about the benefits of stair runs and then try a few of these workouts below!


Stair Tabata Workout

We've been trying out Tabata this summer, and we love this quick and fiery stair Tabata workout. Remember that the goal is to go as hard as you can during the 20-second sprints, so make sure to sprint during the climbs and work up that sweat. Your legs will only get stronger! 

Choose your favorite Tabata song
20-second sprints up and down the stairs
10-second rest
Complete 8 sets for a total of 4 minutes (or until the song is over)
One minute water break
Repeat 3X
Bonus: If you want to switch it up or add an extra challenge, complete 3 additional sets with side stair runs.

Stair Pyramid Workout

Do you prefer to incorporate some bodyweight exercises into your routine? Try this stair pyramid workout, using the bottom step as a step platform.

10 flights of stairs
10 lunges (each leg)
10 calf raises 
10 incline push-ups 
10 dips 
Repeat pyramid style for 10X (e.g., your second set will be 9 of each exercise, then 8, then 7, etc.)

Stair HIIT Workout

If you've been around for a while, you know we're also big fans of HIIT. It's similar to Tabata (going as fast as you can, then resting), but just stretched out a bit longer. And it sometimes focuses on reps rather than time. We've also created this specific workout to include a nice mix of high-impact exercises and cardio.

Start and finish with a 10-flight sprint
10 stair jumps (like a box jump, but using the bottom step)
10 side stair jumps
10 jump squats
10 jumping lunges
Rest for one minute, then repeat 5X

We hope you have fun with these workouts and don't be afraid to customize them to fit your goals and needs. The stairs are great for everyone and offer an awesome space for getting your daily sweat sesh in. Just don't forget to bring water and wear sunscreen!

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