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3 Healthy Halloween Recipes For A Spooky Evening


Who is ready for a spooky weekend?! We love that Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, especially since most of us were practicing social distancing and staying home last year. We plan to wander our neighborhood this year as it feels safe and maybe even have a few loved ones over for a festive movie night!

Halloween can be quite the holiday for sugar, which is why we love the below recipes for helping us get in the spooky mood--but without all the extra junk. Of course, moderation is everything for healthy living, so we will definitely be indulging in a mini KitKat or two. Otherwise, we're sticking to these healthy and wholesome Halloween-themed recipes. Try them if you dare!


1. Halloween Stuffed Peppers Jack O Lanterns

Recipe by: Its Yummi

We've made this recipe on Halloweens before, so we can attest, it's delicious! Perfect for before a night of trick-or-treating, it's warm, wholesome, and customizable for the whole family. We love stuffing with wild rice, black beans, and chopped onions--but you can add lean meat, extra veggies, and cheese too! 

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2. Easy Vegan Chili

Recipe by: From My Bowl

Is it really fall if chili isn't simmering on the stove? Another recipe that is perfect for the whole family (or a group of friends), chili is our go-to for a hearty and nutritious meal. And again, there are so many ways to customize! This recipe is vegan and includes lots of beans, spices, and nutritional yeast.

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3. Banana Ghosts & Orange Jack-O-Lanterns

Recipe by: Detoxinista

This list actually includes 13 healthy Halloween treat options, but we especially love the ghoulish banana ghosts and spooky jack-o-lanterns. These can be made in less than 5 minutes and are a perfect snack for both kids and adults, and with the healthier kind of sugar! Sure, it's just your typical fruit, but it's fun to dress it up every once in a while.

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Don't forget, another great snack (especially for a night of trick-or-treating) is Vukoo bars! They make great meal replacements and happen to be delicious. Pop one in the microwave for a warm and candy-free dessert! 


What are you making over Halloween? Share your favorite recipes with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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