8" Colorado Vukoo Decal

Type: Decal

Vendor: Vukoo®

The 8" all weather highly durable laminated Colorado Vukoo logo decal. A logo that not only symbolizes Vukoo, but also for you "to apply action and work towards whats in your heart, because you are Destined For Greatness!"

At Vukoo we believe life is too short to go on living a mediocre life. A life filled with situations that are enslaving, whether that is mentally or physically. We encourage all of our customers/tribe members/fans to push the limits of life. Pushing through your fears and clinging onto courage, the courage you have deep inside your heart. Encouraging you to "recognize" your potential and power you have within you and "tap into" your dreams by apply action.

Whether you live a "safe" steady paycheck lifestyle that gives you the means to live one way or a life pushing the limits of your boundaries you've subconsciously set for yourself, the conclusion is still the same at on point! Life is over!

The future is promised to no-one.

Live your life to the fullest and have this decal, the Vukoo brand, to help remind you that time is ticking, you need to go after what makes you happy as long as it doesnt cause harm to anyone else.

You already have what it takes! Just look with and tap into your greatness!

You are destined for greatness!