Recognize Your Greatness

3 Reasons to Try Swimming, and Our Favorite Swimming Sweat Sesh

We decided to switch it up this week and try something new; we hopped in the pool. And to our surprise, we had the best (and hardest) week of workouts. So much so, that we're making swimming a part of our 2020 routine.

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When To Workout: Why We Prefer Exercising in the Morning

There is no right or wrong time to workout and, who knows, I may return to my evening workout routine in another season of life. But I've found there are many benefits to exercising first thing in the morning. 

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Setting Intentions for Your Workouts

Do you ever find yourself walking into the gym or entering a studio for your regular fitness class only to ask yourself "why am I here?" It may sound silly – to ponder the meaning of your workouts – but it's actually an essential question that needs to be answered. "Why go to the gym? Why spend my time, money, and energy on exercise?"

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