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7 Trails for Running in Colorado This Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and we cannot wait for warmer weather and more time outside! While the spring months in Colorado are notorious for snow, we are hoping for some warm(ish) weekends where we can hit the trails and get our fill of Rocky Mountain air. 

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Post-Holiday HIIT Session

To jumpstart the year, we thought we’d share this killer back-to-work, post-holiday HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) routine. This workout is a fun, high energy sweat sesh and it’s the perfect way to burn off all those drinks and sweets from the holidays! Make sure to bring your bottle of water—you’re going to need it.

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Vukoo's Veterans Day Workout

This weekend we are honoring all of the brave men and women who have fallen and sacrificed their lives for our freedom with our intense Veterans Day HIIT workout. Grab your water bottle, favorite music, and your friends—this will be one serious sweat sesh!

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Back-To-School Stadium Workouts

To help you stay on track with your goals and to get you excited about workouts this fall, here are two quick (but brutal) “back-to-school” workouts. It’s still warm outside and these workouts are perfect for late summer days or even chilly autumn mornings. Make sure to bring a bottle of water and a Vukoo bar for post-workout fuel.

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It’s Time to Stop Skipping Your Stretching (And Here’s Why)

I went to a boxing class this past week. It was 45-minutes of fast-paced, high-intensity cardio and strength training on the bag. When the class ended, I was drenched in sweat—as was everyone else; it was a great workout. I took a few breaths, a long drink of water, and waited for the instructor to lead us through a cool down, as well as some stretching.

“That’s it for the day, everyone! Good work!” she said and stepped off the mat. I watched as everyone around me collected their belongings and quickly followed.

Stretching is like taking our vitamins or actually going to bed on time. It’s important and necessary, but we often push it off and hope to avoid the consequences. We shouldn’t though, and here’s why:

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20-Minute, At Home Kettlebell Workout

Looking for a quick burn you can complete in your living room? This 20-minute, intense kettlebell workout isolates specific muscles groups and will keep you on track for your summer body—even on your busiest days. All you need is a kettlebell—we recommend investing in a set so you can increase weight as you build strength—a timer, mat, water bottle, and a clear area of space.

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