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Try These Stretches Before and After Your Workouts

Whether you're young or old, stretching should be routine -- the same as drinking water and fueling before and after your workout. Allocating time to stretch before AND after exercising is necessary for maximizing your workouts and keeping your joints in good shape. 

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5 Common Workout Mistakes -- And How to Avoid Them

We've all fallen victim to these common fitness mistakes. The good news is, they are easy to pinpoint and correct. Learn more in our latest blog post!

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The Benefits of Yoga

After only one class, we see a huge difference in the way we feel and move throughout the day. Here's what we've noticed after only a week of taking classes at our local studio:

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3 Natural Remedies for Sore Muscles

While pain medications are not 'bad' for treating soreness and physical aches (the bottle does say pain relief), there are other methods for helping and healing your body, many of which are more natural. Next time you feel sore, give these remedies a try:

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It’s Time to Stop Skipping Your Stretching (And Here’s Why)

I went to a boxing class this past week. It was 45-minutes of fast-paced, high-intensity cardio and strength training on the bag. When the class ended, I was drenched in sweat—as was everyone else; it was a great workout. I took a few breaths, a long drink of water, and waited for the instructor to lead us through a cool down, as well as some stretching.

“That’s it for the day, everyone! Good work!” she said and stepped off the mat. I watched as everyone around me collected their belongings and quickly followed.

Stretching is like taking our vitamins or actually going to bed on time. It’s important and necessary, but we often push it off and hope to avoid the consequences. We shouldn’t though, and here’s why:

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