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4 Ways We're Spring Cleaning This Weekend

It's Spring Break in Colorado, and we're taking advantage of the warmer weather to 'spring clean!' While most of us still have to go to work and aren't affected by the school holiday, the shift in seasons and buzz in the air has us excited to use our free time this weekend for cleaning.

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Dandelion: The One Weed You Should Eat This Spring

Ah, dandelions. Does anyone else feel nostalgic when thinking back to childhood days, the ones where you'd roam the schoolyard or football field during recess and pluck a handful of the yellow, weedy flowers?

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Inspiration For Colorado’s Spring Blizzards: Don’t Skip Your Workouts!

But here’s the thing: while avoiding the angry, spring-fevered gym crowds might be a good idea, skipping your workout is not. Here’s why:

Dedication and consistency matter—especially when completing your workout is the last thing you want to do.

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Spring Clean Your Health Routine!

Now that spring is here (almost!), it’s time to do some spring cleaning—and not just the dusting/sweeping/mopping/re-organizing kind. While we definitely recommend disinfecting your home and cleaning out all that winter dust, in this blog we’re talking about spring cleaning your health routine. 

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4 Colorado Day Hikes to Combat Spring Fever

With warmer days just around the corner, spring is the perfect time to get out of the gym and into the mountains. Fresh air, beautiful wildflowers, and breathtaking mountain views…what’s not to love?

Although March and April tend to bring more snow than rain to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, there are various day hikes at lower elevations for those who prefer boots to snowshoes or skis.

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