Recognize Your Greatness

Setting Intentions for Your Workouts

Do you ever find yourself walking into the gym or entering a studio for your regular fitness class only to ask yourself "why am I here?" It may sound silly – to ponder the meaning of your workouts – but it's actually an essential question that needs to be answered. "Why go to the gym? Why spend my time, money, and energy on exercise?"

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Why We're Thinking About Our 2019 Goals Now

Start thinking about the new habits you want to build in the new year (yes, even during Christmas vacation). A mindful and beneficial practice, thinking now about your health and fitness goals for 2019 can help you to become aware and make better choices over the next few days. 

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2017 Reflection Guide

The 2017 Reflection Guide, like the 2016 guide, is meant to help you in writing down your past achievements, as well as your 2018 goals. We hope this guide will remind you to celebrate all of your accomplishments — no matter how great or small — while also setting even greater goals for the New Year. 

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