Recognize Your Greatness

Mental Wellness Practices For This Season

It doesn't matter if you live alone, are caring for loved ones, are working on the front lines, or are experience sickness yourself. Mental wellness practices can help all of us. Here are a few we're practicing daily this spring:

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How to Start Your Day in a Positive Headspace

Having a healthy and nourishing meal, as well as a glass of water, is not only beneficial for your physical health, but it can steer your mental health in a positive direction. Our bodies and minds are not separate. The foods we eat (or don't eat) affect our brains. We must hydrate and eat a nourishing breakfast to feed our bodies and our minds.

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Your Emotional Health Matters: How to Take Care of Yourself After the Recent Tragedies

It’s been a hard, heavy week in the USA. With all the natural disasters and the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, grief and sorrow have overtaken many of us. Whether you are aware of it or not, your emotional health has most likely taken a hit this week and it’s important you take care of your soul.

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Stop #SummerBody Shaming

Summer is around the corner and, while we wish marketing campaigns were more focused on upcoming organic produce and awesome hiking trails, it’s not often the case.

Summer in the USA means magazines racks displaying tanned, overly photoshopped men and women at the beach and with very little clothing. Bikini commercials advertise tiny models dancing around in the sand or hanging out with other skinny friends (who are not you)...

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