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Tips for Easing Back into Routine this Fall

While summer months are perfect for unwinding, sleeping in, and getting your workout in when you feel like it, the fast-paced days and busyness that comes with fall can quickly stress us out if we don't plan accordingly. To help ease back into a routine as we shift seasons, here are a few tips to stay healthy and happy, even in the busier months:

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Spring Clean Your Health Routine!

Now that spring is here (almost!), it’s time to do some spring cleaning—and not just the dusting/sweeping/mopping/re-organizing kind. While we definitely recommend disinfecting your home and cleaning out all that winter dust, in this blog we’re talking about spring cleaning your health routine. 

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Change Up Your Fitness Routine This Fall

At Vukoo, we love the changes autumn brings. With a new season comes fresh mountain air (make sure to get out and see the Aspen colors!), a new lineup of fresh produce at our favorite farmers markets, and, most of all, fresh starts! 

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