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Are There Really Health Benefits to Drinking Warm Lemon Water?

Are there really health benefits to drinking a warm mug of water infused with fresh, organic lemon each morning? We were curious too, so we decided to do some digging. 

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3 Dishes to Swap Noodles with Zoodles, with Recipes

To keep in line with our health and fitness goals this fall (because who isn't craving soups and stews and warm pasta dishes), we're making a few alternations to our favorite cold-day recipes. Specifically, we're swapping noodles for zoodles! Here are a few of our favorite dishes we're making healthy:

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4 Fall Salad Recipes for the Weekend

Fall may be around the corner, but the weather still feels like summer. So, with Colorado temps in the 90’s this weekend, we’re indulging in these autumn-ish salads to get us through the final days of summer.

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