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How to Exercise While Sheltered-At-Home

Are you trying to figure out how to exercise while staying safe-at-home? Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

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How to Encourage a Loved One During Their Health Journey

Sometimes our loved ones come to us looking for advice and encouragement in their fitness journey. When that happens, it can feel difficult to know how to offer support. 

Here are some tips to help you (and them) navigate that territory. 

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5 Low-Impact Exercises to Try in 2020

We should always be thinking about and protecting our joints. Whether injured or not, our body needs us to be conscious and considerate of how we move—especially during intense workouts and HIIT sessions.

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3 HIIT Workouts to Crush Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we're eager to spend a weekend with loved ones, enjoying all the best foods and some much needed R&R. Before then, though, we want to prepare our bodies for the (many) slices of pie and days spent lounging around—all of which are good things, in moderation!

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It's Time to Start Taking Bedtime More Seriously

Sleep isn't only essential for our mental health and overall wellbeing—it's necessary for our physical health, too. From recovery to fighting off illnesses, our bodies crave quantity and quality rest.

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When To Workout: Why We Prefer Exercising in the Morning

There is no right or wrong time to workout and, who knows, I may return to my evening workout routine in another season of life. But I've found there are many benefits to exercising first thing in the morning. 

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4 Simple Shoulder Exercises For Strong Deltoids

Focusing on deltoid exercises is an excellent way to minimize the risk of possible injuries. Here are a few of our favorite shoulder workouts to incorporate into your fitness routine:

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