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How to Encourage a Loved One During Their Health Journey

Sometimes our loved ones come to us looking for advice and encouragement in their fitness journey. When that happens, it can feel difficult to know how to offer support. 

Here are some tips to help you (and them) navigate that territory. 

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3 Reasons to Try Swimming, and Our Favorite Swimming Sweat Sesh

We decided to switch it up this week and try something new; we hopped in the pool. And to our surprise, we had the best (and hardest) week of workouts. So much so, that we're making swimming a part of our 2020 routine.

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Tips to Jumpstart Your Routine After the Holidays

As the old saying goes, too much of a good thing can quickly spoil (or something like that), which is why it's important to say farewell to the holiday cheer and get back at it with our health and fitness routine.

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5 Foods to Eat Post-Holidays

While we're all for balance and fostering a no-shame holiday mentality, we're ready to feed our body whole, plant-based, nutritious foods. Here are a few of the meals you can find us cooking-up this post-holiday weekend:

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Why We're Silencing Shame & Eating the Holiday Cookies

Take this as friendly reminder. A permission slip, if you need one. Eat the cookie. Watch the holiday movie without feeling guilty about skipping the gym. Embrace and enjoy all that is this season. We know we are.

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5 Low-Impact Exercises to Try in 2020

We should always be thinking about and protecting our joints. Whether injured or not, our body needs us to be conscious and considerate of how we move—especially during intense workouts and HIIT sessions.

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5 Wellness Trends to Watch for in 2020

From wearable fitness technology to what's being called 'conscious deceleration,' here are few trends to look out for in the new year: 

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