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September 15, 2017

Traveling Abroad? Take These Health Tips With You

Traveling overseas is both exciting and daunting—especially when visiting a new place where the currency, language, and time zone differ from home. It’s important to maintain healthy habits though, specifically when traveling for long periods of time. 

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5 Soul Care Tips For Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day Weekend AND first day of September! Soak up the last few moments of summer in Colorado and celebrate with some of our favorite holiday weekend soul care tips: 

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Why Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day (Even if it is a Vukoo Bar)

Picture this: you snooze through your alarm clock and wake up to realize you need to be at your first work meeting in less than an hour. You jump out of bed, quickly shower, get dressed, and scramble to find your car keys. You barely have enough time to pour yourself a cup of to-go coffee, let alone make breakfast. I’ll skip it and have a big lunch, you think before peeling out of the driveway and almost spilling hot coffee on your lap.

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4 Nutrition Habits For The Busy Student or Professional

As summer comes to a close and we begin to prepare for fall, it’s important to adjust our eating habits and routines for a new season. Maybe you are returning to school or taking on a new role at work. Or maybe you are setting new goals and starting a passion project. Whether fall is a season to unwind and rest or a busy season of work and schedules, adjusting your nutrition habits can keep you healthy and on track with your goals.

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Back-To-School Stadium Workouts

To help you stay on track with your goals and to get you excited about workouts this fall, here are two quick (but brutal) “back-to-school” workouts. It’s still warm outside and these workouts are perfect for late summer days or even chilly autumn mornings. Make sure to bring a bottle of water and a Vukoo bar for post-workout fuel.

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Fueled By Fiber: Six Natural Foods You Should Be Eating

Vukoo Bars have 14 grams of energy-boosting fiber per bar, but are you getting enough fiber from the other foods in your diet? If you’re not sure where to get fiber from a natural, JERF-based diet, check out these six foods:

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4 Weekend Summer Salad Recipes

Do you know what we love about salads? They are light, easy to make, and a perfect way to get your daily dose of produce, beans, nuts, and oils. And when it’s hot outside, salads are a perfect meal to enjoy on the porch or in the park with friends.

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