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Vukoo's Veterans Day Workout

This weekend we are honoring all of the brave men and women who have fallen and sacrificed their lives for our freedom with our intense Veterans Day HIIT workout. Grab your water bottle, favorite music, and your friends—this will be one serious sweat sesh!

We have put together two workout variations for you to choose from. Feel free to adjust the recommended exercises to fit your needs/preferences.

Start with 11 minutes of light cardio to warm up. If you are outside, set your watch for 11 minutes and take a light jog around your neighborhood or a nearby running track. If you are completing this workout indoors, you can use a treadmill or, alternatively, jump rope, bike, or row for 11 minutes.

Workout Variation #1

Complete 11 rounds (yes, 11!) of these bodyweight movements. Pace yourself, take a short rest if when needed, and push through!

11 Body Squats (increase difficulty by doing Jump Squats)

11 Push-Ups

11 Sit-Ups

11 Burpees

Workout Variation #2

Set a timer or stopwatch for 11 minutes—make sure to place it somewhere where you can see it. Complete each exercise for 1 minute before moving on to the next. The entire set will take 11 minutes total. Rest for 3-5 minutes and complete again!

Total workout time: 22-25 minutes

Jumping Jacks

Body Squats (increase difficulty by doing Jump Squats)

Alternating Lunges (increase difficulty by doing Jumping Lunges)



Mountain Climbers


Bicycle Crunches

Leg Raises

Plank Hold



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